Diagrams on

First, before you start...if you are a beginner or intermediate folder, please review this page on origami basics, which covers folds and bases:


  • Folds - valley fold, mountain fold, petal fold, rabbit ear, squash fold, reverse fold, crimp, sink
  • Bases - preliminary base, bird base, waterbomb base, fish base

Next, check out David Mitchell's "All About Origami", with some great sections for Beginners:


C3PO by Robin Glynn

(for intermediates - a very nice 3-D model by Robin Glynn! Also check out Robin's other diagrams, including miss piggy, a monkey, big bird, cookie monster, oscar the grouch, teddy bear, gift boxes, treasure chest, and a clock that actually ticks!)

Hummingbird by Collin Weber

Hummingbird by Collin Weber

(four pages - page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4) 
check out Collin's Web site, with even more of his diagrams!

Frog On a Lily Pad by Collin Weber
Barn swallow by Collin Weber
Terrier by Collin Weber

Terrier by Collin Weber

(four pages - page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4)

Butterfly by Collin Weber

Other Diagrams on the Web

Origami Help For Beginners

(no specific diagrams, but a great place to learn symbols and basic techniques - a beginner's must!)

Links to Diagrams Online

(a huge list of models from many different Web sites, thanks to Joseph Wu and Julius Kusserow)

The Origami Model Archives

(hundreds of origami models, listed by category!)

The Origami Dimensions Page

(provides the dimensions of finished origami models based on the original size of the paper)

Victoria Beatty's Garden of Origami

(lots of diagrams, including Valentine's Day models like roses, hearts, and rings!)

Jasper's Guide to Paperfolding Instructions on the Web

(a star, cherry blossom, links, and techniques)

Nick Robinson's Creative Work

(simple, intermediate, and complex models!)

Alex Barber's diagrams

(in pdf and Shockwave formats; Alex has compiled a very nice list of diagrams on the Web)

Origami Swami's Diagrams

(features both a monthly column as well as links to lots of popular models!)

Kitty Valley Cyber

(James Sakoda's diagrams in PDF format, including a treasure boat, an SST, and lots of dollar-bill models, such as the dollar-bill double rose)


(Perry Bailey's site with various models in pdf and gif formats, including a coot - bird, sparrow, cobra bookmark, heart airplane - Throw your Heart Away, dragon, dollar bill dragon, dollar bill Starship Enterprise, dollar bill Klingon D-7 Cruiser, talking heads, C3PO - the one you see above, butterfly, cartoon dragon, typing paper turtle, spaceship, dollar bill cat, dollar bill change basket, racing starship, columbine from pentagon, American eagle, columbine, ant, bunny, space shuttle, puppy, dancer, heart, slug, pumpkin, eyebrows, squirrel, frog and fly, one-rose vase, katana - sword, pyramid, bouncing spider, fish, chair, Marc Kirschenbaum's unicorn, chrysalis, water dragon, dollar bill bull, duck, dollar bill limosine, swan, bird mobile, sorcerer, three fin spaceship, damsel, elephant, fire lizard, simple heart, simple unicorn, dragon in the water, dragon mage, gryphon, flapping hummingbird, meditating man, penguin, swan, and flying saucer - UFO!)

Dr. Stephen O'Hanlon's Origami Page

(Dr. O'Hanlon has a 13-page section on origami basics, as well as diagrams for a badger, cat, crocodile, giraffe, hyena, pig, rabbit, elephant, tortoise, rhino, bear, beetle, crow, sheep, giant panda, Eastern dragon, Yoda, unicorn, rose, and vase, as well as some nicedinosaurs and an amazing chess set! Also see his rhino diagrammed at

Roberto Gretter's origami diagrams

(diagrams for flowers, honeycomb, hot air balloon, hexagon star box, crocodile head, double flexicube, star flower, and jumping rabbit)

Ronald Koh's Origami Diagrams

(quite complex models - diagrams for a black rhinocerous, ankylosaurus, rocking horse, yuanbao, rancho - goldfish, eagle, king cobra, tropical bird of paradise, and tyrannosaurus rex)

Design in Origami - Halle's Web Site

(cool diagrams for cartoon characters such as Bert & Ernie, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Odie, and the South Park gang - not to mention diagrams for Lang's scorpion, Manuel Sirgo's mountain goat, and links to other diagrams such as Joisel's rat, Weber's pig, Kirschenbaum's teddy bear, Lang's stallion, Voyer's wasp, Koh's ranchu, and Van Goubergen's Gecko and a Fly on the Wall!)

(instructions for ten original paper airplanes, from simple to complex!)

TPKong's Diagram Page

(intermediate models - butterfly, swan, flamingo, seagull, greyhound, pelican, flying crane, horse, wolf, twin cranes, dragon, dimetrodon, and 3-headed crane)

David Derudas' Origami Diagrams

(complex diagrams for his world-famous cobra, as well as diagrams for a very complex conch/seashell, butterfly, flamingo, and seagull)

Koshiro's Animated Studio

(animated instructions for the traditional crane, waterbomb, and box, as well as Koshiro's own dollar bill bear, dollar bill cheshire cat, and two dollar bill bird)

Meenaskhi's Modular Folding Instructions

(instructions for both her own modular designs as well as designs of others, including cubes, sonobe variations, stars, kusudama, tetrahedron, spheres, rings, Chinese lucky star, traditional iris/lily, and many other balls and units)

Site of Everlasting Origami Paper Roses

(listed here are links to sites with various rose diagrams - standard, Kawasaki rose, dollar bill rose, napkin rose)

Tips for folding the Kawasaki Rose from Anool

(the title says it all!)

More Suggestions on how to fold the Kawasaki Rose from EmmaJG

(very nicely photographs to help you through this difficult model)

Origami Elephant by Eugene Craig Campbell

(diagrams for an origami elephant, of course!)

The Chinese (H.K.) Origami Society

(instructions in PDF format for a box, catfish, waterlily, ingot, lantern, curlew, sea turtle, swan, spaceman, rocket, teapot, tea cup, elasmosaurus, crocodile head, pheasant, umbrella, rabbit, puppy, albatross, spinosaurus, and more!)

Charles Esseltine's Origami Diagrams

(original diagrams for a dragon in flight, a cheeseburger, french fries, Christmas tree, car/VW bug, snow shovel, and a dollar bill tank)

Jim Adams' Origami Page

(original origami diagrams for an alien fighter ship, angel, bat, Thanksgiving turkey, box dragon, buffalo mask, catfish, cobra, dachshund, eagle, dollar bill dragon, dollar bill starship, flying dragon, hovercraft, Iron Maiden, manta ray, Molly, pureland basset hound, pureland dog, pureland rabbit, two more rabbits, robot mask, swan, scallop, snail, sphinx, star ranger starship, underbird/mantaship, and snake)

Alec Fehl's "Origami With a Sense of Humor"

(a pregnant woman, gas pump, scarecrow, angel, nuclear crane, musical eigth note, dollar-bill guitar, tic-tac-toe board, and more!)

Sarah's Origami Diagrams

(an arrow, witch's hat, candy cane, standing pine, pumpkin head, awareness ribbon, two-color house, evergreen tree, willow tree and trunk, house, traditional pine tree, stem and leaf, and Santa!)

The Waiter's Digest Napkin Folds

(napkin folds - although this site is advertising a CD-ROM, they also provide instructions for a host of interesting napkin patterns, each one given a first name!)

Happy Magpie's Star Wars Origami

(Star Wars diagrams for R2D2, AT-ST, and ships such as the Naboo Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Tie Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer, and more!)

Marc Gutman's Origami Page

(Star Wars models including an X-Wing, Yoda, and the Millenium Falcon)

Clemens Domanig's Origami Page

(in German! Diagrams for a holy ghost, a parrot, 3 different foxes, a rhino, a pig, a lion, a flying birds, and a little mouse)

Thoki Yenn's Origami Page

(nice geometric models, includes a penguin, box for flexicube, flexicube, tapefish, A4 rhombic unit, handkerchief mouse, flip-flop, pistol, frame, rabbit, magic rings, ear ornament, and lots of geometric models such as a DNA molecule!)

Sadako World Peace Project

(another set of diagrams for the crane, a bit smaller though)


(diagrams for the ever-popular fortune teller, and a few book suggestions including Robert Lang's Origami in Action: Paper Toys That Fly, Flap, Gobble, and Explode)

BARF Diagrams

(Bay Area Rapid Folders - croaking frog display shelf, chocolate covered ant, gremlin, suction cup, nuclear crane, surfette, sorcerer, flasher maze, shelf, frog, violin, suit, tongue, baby bird, heart card, exploding envelope, and the surfer on a wave, plus lots of diagrams in PDF format, including action models such as a magic cube, baby bird, frog's tongue, beating heart, flasher hat, flasher big bang, flasher labrynth, labrynth walker, squishy blob, venus flytrap, signs/designs including a pyramid, balancing eagle, men's suit, Star of David, and dollar bill smiling George, heart models such as the butterfly heart card, window heart card, bird of peace pop-up card, and peace ring, weird models such as an elephant's rump, invisible duck, boulder, jack-o-lantern, and upside-down heart, plus diagrams from past BARF newsletters, including "snail mail" envelope, magic carpet, dollar bill kayak, playing the cards, dollar bill hearts, crane hat, jester's hat, simple flasher, jack-o-lantern, dollar bill Enterprise, Enterprise, star, sorcerer/wizard, acid lemon, gami ball, Pokemon-like character, bouncing spider, one-piece flipper, space shuttle, envelope and letterhead, girl in a dress, nuclear crane, cartoon dragon, football envelope, four-heart design, baby on a bed, cross and ribboned envelopes, clown nose, croaking frog, squashing heart, color mixer toy, flower heart, broken heart, paper cutter, and demon envelope!)

Oriland Diagrams

(many diagrams, in categories... Animals: Butterfly, Dino, Dove, Dragon-fly, Parrot, Snail, Pigeon, Dragon
Decorations: Kusudama "Lotus", Beads, Bells, Kusudama "Shells", Heart, Shell
Boxes: Candy-box, Box for crayons, Box "Bonsai", Vase "Star", Vase, Trihedral vase, Vase "Duet", Simple box
Plants: Bells, Lotus, Simple flower, Fern, Berry, Fruit, Cucumber, Jasmine, Leaf, Oblong Leaf
Assorted: Cube, Crystal, Star, Cube-module
Heroes: Clown, Robot, Little girl, Little boy
Office Things: Frame, Postcard "Butterfly", Binding, Book-mark "Heart", Little Books, Card Index, Case, Covers for books, Desktop lamp, Envelope, Valentine, Postcard with heart, Stand for photo, Sand-glass, Envelope "Secret", Postcard "Snow-flake", Postcard "Two hearts", Letter Traditional: House, Helmet, Windmill, Fish, Kusudama "Pendant", Kusudama "Stars", Kusudama "Bouquet of Roses", Simple Rose, Napkin "Fan", Four-Pointed Star, Napkin, Eight-Pointed Star, Crane, Flapping Crane )

Anita Barbour's Origami Diagrams

(what a great supply of diagrams! You'll find here a seahorse, barn owl, dragonfly, clam, sloth, champagne bottle, horseshoe crab, lake monster, pocket heart, panda, anthurium - a tropical plant, American woodcock, puffin, Western grebe - a diving bird, great crested grebe, crowned crane, proud dragon, running rabbit, brontosaurus, mommy heart and baby heart, Mr. Spock face, patient dog, snout butterfly, Egyptian slit-faced bat, mus musculus, skull, witch casting a spell, dancing skeleton, ghostly reaper, hungry bat, reversible ghost, Halloween cat, bone, scarecrow, old hat, shamrock, Leprechaun, Alfred Hitchcock, pteranodon, wedding swan, foil-wrapped chocolate bunny, monk, cabbage white butterfly, mating butterfly, jack-o'-lantern, dollar bill bat, dollar bill cat, Dracula, turkey, some ornaments, Santa Claus, gingerbread cookie, puffy cross, leaf and berry wreath, angel nun, four bird ornament, and tree ornament)

Hans Birkeland's Original Diagrams

(ranging from simple to complex, diagrams for a bird, sea urchin, hen, chess board, fiddler crab, baby dinosaur, grandfather's hat, butterfly, vase, Danish flag, apatosaurus, book, devil, fox, cat, unicorn from Zog, tree, ant, ghost, pteranodon man, envelope, ostrich, beetle, sea lions, toucan, and pig)

Dave Petty's Diagrams

(wreaths and rings, crane rings, pine cone, pineapple, samurai, origamist in his hat, pagemarker base, dollar bill heartbeat action model, modulars including dice, fuzzy cube, knobbly cube, decorated Menger's sponge, ball, giant ball, bolster, truncated cube, animated pencil, and various other modulars by Mick Guy, Francis Ow, and others!)

Diagrams from Origami Montréal

(bird logo, cardinal, kite, sitting dog, bride's cup/goblet, peacock, frog, masks, walrus, nestling bird, orchid, and table)

Clay's Money Origami Diagrams

(diagrams for dollar bill boots, bow tie, butterfly, eyeglasses, fan, gift box, picture frame, ring, sailboat, serpent, snake, spider, shirt, valentine heart, and Christmas tree)

Marc Kirschenbaum's Origami Page

(simple models - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, M puzzle, K puzzle, square puzzle, intermediate models - T-rex, pencil, complex models - chessboard, fluffy teddy bear, biplane, cankerworm, matchbox, butterfly, african elephant, giant spider crab, blue crab/rock crab)

Floppy Fish Origami Diagrams

(diagrams for the traditional cup, modular rose flower, Reade's Wreath, Ike's crown, Valentine Masu box and lid, and Australian bush hat, as well as some great resources for teaching tips, creating dollar and A4-sized paper, and dividing paper into thirds, fifths, and sevenths)

Origami Models by Torten Drees

(some modular constructions and some beautiful patterns/reliefs)

OxLip's Origami Archive

(diagrams for a turkey, rose, fish, puppy dog, chicken, canoe, lobster, bush warbler, and swan)

Phil's Page O' Origami

(lots of Star Wars diagrams - a TIE fighter, Star destroyer, Naboo fighter, X-Wing fighter, TIE bomber, and AT-ST)

Valerie Vann's Modular Origami Diagrams

(here you'll find Valerie's diagrams for the Holiday Puzzle Ring Cube and Chewing Gum Wrapper Units, a variation on the original Sonobe Unit)

Origami Society of Toronto

(instructions for a hen, trillium/star, turtle dove, samara/maple key/spinner, Elmer Fudd cap/hat, mountain bike, flexabowl, kite, and a pennyfarthing bicycle)

Mark Leonard's Origami Diagrams

(diagrams for a simple fox, and complex spider, fly, ornithonimous dinosaur, and two modulars - including a soccer ball/football - also crease pattern diagrams for a wolf, moose, crocodile, and an Iso-area icosahedron)

A Japanese Site

(diagrams for a fog, bulldog, cat, bull, kabuto, dachshund, rat, Mickey Mouse, kangaroo, llama, a hawk, and a rooster or hen)

Another Japanese Site

(featuring animated diagrams for a cow, and two origami gift wrapping instructions - box - hako, tube - tsuru)

František Grebenícek's Favorite Origami Diagrams

(diagrams for many models including an angel, Edward Scissor-hands, coat, black belt in origami, fantasy mask, Santa Claus, heart, vampire, Valentine dollar bill fold, wheelchair, waterlily, leaf, Kawasaki rose, pine tree, King Kong, jumping frog, pencil, waterbomb, biplane, barracuda, F-102 plane, lunar lander, little plane, forgiving glider, flying saucer/UFO, throwing star/shuriken, boat, catamaran, ship, steamboat, various modulars such as the Soma cube and pyramids, garlands, stars, snowflakes, crown, windmill, pegasus, and many more, plus - all diagrams in a spreadsheet window for easy access!)

OrigamiUSA Diagrams

(diagrams for a strawberry, simple jumping frog, traditional cup, traditional crane, "Shining Alice"/8-pointed star, tulip, blow-up bunny rabbit, Yoshizawa's simple butterfly, and panda)

A Japanese Site for Children

(lots of simple models for children, such as a traditional fish, boat, cup, sanbo, waterbomb, samurai hat, frog, star box, and lots more!)

Krystyna Burczyk's Origami Gallery - regular polyhedra

(diagrams for tons of regular polyhedra as well as semi-regular polyhedra, all modulars!)

Jayzee Bear Origami Page

(diagrams for a shirt, the traditional crane, and boat)

Napkin Folds!

(napkin folds for a cardinal's hat, bishop's hat, crown, pyramid, rose, boat, and fan)

Origami with Rachel Katz

(simple diagrams for a spiky star, whale, kite, talking dog, noisemaker, puppet, box, butterfly, boat, rocket and apatosaurus/dimetrodon dinosaurs, plus intermediate models such as a star-in-pentagon modular, 2-dollar bill shirt and pants, high-heeled shoe, boot/stocking, a flapping bird, and the traditional crane)

Mike Davies' World of Origami

(diagrams for an angel, whale, and hummingbird, as well as instructions for a vulture, cat, butterfly, and animal puppets)

Vincent Floderer/Southeast Origami Festival

(not quite diagrams, but QuickTime movies showing his techniques for folding mushrooms and flexible sea life designs)

Pasquale D'Auria Diagrammi

(in Italian...symbols and bases, plus diagrams for a swan, woodpecker, mouse, earring, cat bookmark, ostrich, boat, snail, dolphin, flamingo, ghost, windsurfer, boomerang, table and chairs, gecko lizard, and owl)

Rita Foelker's Origami Diagrams

(in Portuguese...very easy to follow diagrams for a macaw parrot, steamboat, boat, butterfly, Japanese box, dog, snail, house, flower stem, cup, rabbit, heart, a few modular cubes, ornament/wreath, Sphinx, traditional ninja star, flower, nun, necktie, scarlet ibis, six-pointed star, pencil, table, star mobile, bird, penguin, tree, pig, pencil-holder, message holder, picture frame, snake, fox, sun, anteater, Brazilian tsuru/crane, swan, kusudama, vase, and sea turtle)

George Ho's Diagrams

(diagrams for the modular swan)

HS Lim's Origami Page

(here you'll find diagrams for the traditional frog, traditional lily, Canoe/Boat, Cicada, Crow/Swan/Duck, Double Ship, Helmet and Sailboat, Box, Coaster & Fancy Box, Finger-tip Doll of Fox, Gold Fish, Dachshund dog, tulip and another flower,Snoopy, a rolling toy, and a swan)

Andrea's Origami Diagrams

(instructions, along with pictures, for butterflies, a rabbit, and a bat!)

Make an Origami Jumping Frog

(part of Sandra Loosemore's Froggy Page)

Andrew Anselmo's Origami Stuff

(an X-wing fighter and a 5-petal pinwheel flower)

Dennis Walker's Origami Page

(some simple models including a crown, equilateral triangles, cross, Duth milkmaid's cap, jackal head, Morvern modular flower, Christmas decoration, Penrose tiles, dollar bill money wreath, and some variations on Fuse's Twinkling Stars) 
(some Visio stencils for origami diagramming also available)

Siberian Origami Magazine Diagrams

(intermediate and complex diagrams, including a dove, caterpillar on a leaf, falling objects, pajarita box, Romeo & Juliet heart, skull & crossbones, box with knot, shallop, pyramid snail, horse's head, kusudama star, waxing/waning moon, bird boat, yin-yang, horned beetle, Alamo stallion, mummy, Stone Age Venus, Playboy bunny logo, Chinese dragon, and killer whale)

Francis Ow's Heart Diagrams

(instructions for two simple hearts, a heart picture frame, and heart cuff links)

Russell Sutherland's Original Origami Models

(a great-looking coyote puppet the famous Cranes-Go-Round, and Face Nouveau, a partial face model consisting of eyes, nose, and mouth! 
Also check out this great article about Russell and his origami in the San Antonio Express-News!)

J.B. Raasch's diagrams

(a B-Wing and a Business card frog, in both PostScript and gif)

Envelope and Letterfolding

(lots of great diagrams for folding envelopes)

Anita Barbour's Hungry Bat

(a great Halloween fold!)

Emma Craib's Swan for Beginners

(and read about why origami is good for you!)

Stephen Hecht's Origami Diagrams

(simple box, dollar bill tetrahedron, dollar bill flower, vase, dollar bill arrow, dollar bill hexagon ring, dollar bill Christmas tree, dollar bill shamrock, dollar bill heart ring, martini glass, two dollar bill dragonfly models, dollar bill butterfly, and dollar bill elephant)

Mark Kirschenbaum's Origami Page

(simple, intermediate, and complex models, including a biplane!)

Ian Mitchell's Origami Page

(diagrams for an eagle, penguin, heron/tropical bird, fancy box, picture frame, prize heart, modular cube, dachshund, reclining bear, lizard, two dragons, monk, shepherd, kneeling nun, Joseph, Angel, camel, two wisemen, and a dollar bill shirt)

Fascinating Folds

(great tips for beginners, learn how to read diagrams, some easy folds!)

John Szingman's Origami Diagrams

(currently only a complex dragon and a rose from a pentagon from a square, but more to come soon, including foxes, mask, braintetrahedron dual, and icosohedron - all originals!)

Dr. Jeanine Meyer's Origami Diagrams

(making a square from a rectangle, a wiggler, business card frog, magazine box, traditional waterbomb, traditional frog, dividing into thirds, dollar bill rosette, ornament, and broken/mended heart)

Crease patterns from Noboru Miyajima

(a beautiful gallery with crease patterns, including an elephant, otter, cat, deer, ibex, mammoth, impala, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, wild boar, angel, grim reaper, pegasus, centaur, knight on dragon, witch, knight on pegasus, stag beetle, ant, beetle, scorpion, four-legged crane, heart photo frame, and propeller plane)

Joseph White's Diagrams

(original diagrams for a dragon, nautilus shell, and Balrog, plus models by Travis Hicks including a baby dragon, dragon, and gerbil)

Namir Gharaibeh's Origami Book Errata & Hints

(a helpful list of mistakes as well as hints from various origami books)

Jose Tomas Buitrago Molina's diagramas

(diagrams courtesy of Jose Tomas Buitrago Molina)

Fabric Origami Workshop

(click on 'fabric origami' on the top - lots of diagrams for: many types of boxes; ornaments such as the traditional lily, basket, 2d and 3d stars, and kimono; notecards; 3D kusudama and star units; and other selections such as Gay Merrill Gross' purse and magic star modular, the traditional flapping bird, box dividers, bookmarks, the traditional frog, Isao Honda's snowy owl, Lewis Simon's gyroscope modular, shirt, business card holder, traditional Japanese folded purse, wallets, and a butterfly which requires cutting...)

Centro Diffusione Origami

(the Italian Origami Society's diagrams, including various birds, a heart, giraffe, cat, bear, dodecahedron, goose, seagull, compass rose, CDO logo, and models from visitors, including an elephant, athletic bear, simple elephant, froggy bookmark, eyebrowse, frog, hummingbird, fire lizard, prize heart, gryphon, water dragon, and odd duck - and don't forget about the model of the month!)

Origami Diagrams from

(diagrams for a swan, crane, lucky star, peacock, rose, UFO, and a tare panda)

Origami Sweden

(diagrams for a rhino, catapult, frog, C3P0, and dollar bill viking helmet)

Patricia Gallo's Origami Page (in Spanish)

(with diagrams for various birds and other animals)

Napkin Folds from the Cook's Domain Store

(various napkin folds including a bishop's hat, mitre, fleur de lis, viking hat, rose, lily, oriental fan, and candle)

Brooklyn Origami

(diagrams for two extra terrestrials/aliens, as well as a variety of birds including doves, kiwis, a tropical bird, and a phoenix)

Rudolf Appelt's Origami Diagrams

(Rudolf's own creations - a wrapping box, rose basket, and wastepaper basket)

un petit voyage chez les plieurs de papiers

(all in French - diagrams for a hat, a cup, a box, and a four-leaf clover)

Leigh Halford's Star Wars and Star Trek Origami

(diagrams for the Millenium Falcon, an AT-AT, Imperial Shuttle, Tie Fighter, the Enterprise, a Star Destroyer, and a Bird of Prey)

Card Inspirations - Tea Bag Folds

(diagrams for a Japanese kimono)

Hans Bodlaender's traditional origami hat

(step-by-step photos!)

Online Origami eZine Models

(diagrams for a jewel-shaped box, helicopter, Santa, sailboat, deco art swan, bunny, and business card module)

Página Oficial del Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia

(eight pages of diagrams!!!)

Paul Chabot's Diagrams

(well, only one so far, a sabertooth tiger)

Flexi-Cubes by Paul Slater

(a modular model designed for rail tickets or business cards)

50 Ways to Make your Home "Forest"

(in Japanese, diagrams for an X-wing fighter, a TIE Interceptor, Darth Vader, a Ninja star, a glider, a Pokeman model called Pikachu, and OM, from Hayo Miyazaki's film "Nausicca")

The Wendy's Clan Ninja Site

(instructions for the popular throwing star, also known as a ninja star)

Tom May's Origami Diagrams

(iso-area folding, waterbomb wreath, dollar bill mortarboard, dollar bill kayak, dollar bill moth, beetle, flying dragon, Santa, stegosaurus, gold bug/beetle)

Cattail's Origami Page

(only a few diagrams, but some great origami animations!)

Oriversity's Practice Page

(some simple models and helpful hints, including a house, samurai helmet, windmill, fish, kusudamas and simple rose, napkin folds, a box and letter fold, a berry, fruit, and cucumber, a group of folwers, and a parrot)

LDSJapan's Origami Page

(a diagram for Pikachu, a Pokemon character)

Cecilia Liu's Diagrams

(diagrams for a ring, crane, photoframe, and shirt)

Aaron Walden's Diagrams

(the traditional water lily, an original lily pad, a jumping frog, rose leaf, traditional leaf, amaryllis, persimmon, samurai helmet, bow tie, rose calyx, waterbomb, traditional crab, kusudama, daffodil, a few different orchids, Nativity - Christ child, manger, shepherds, St. Joseph, Virgin Mary, Wise Men, and don't forget his diagrams for a grasshopper made from a coconut palm frond! Also, he has new diagrams for a morning glory, hog, fish, vase, swan, butterfly, and wreath, and native flowers of Oklahoma including berlandiera, Carolina anemone, chatterbox orchid, four point evening primrose, lily pad, magnolia, morning glory, orchid, prickly poppy, windflower, and three birds orchid)

Towel and Napkin Folding

(courtesy of Royal Carribbean - Napkin folds: candle, rosebud, crown, cardinal's hat, pyramid, sailboat, and orchid. Towel folds: cat, boat, frog, swan, elephant, monkey, and lobster!)

Georgia Museum of Natural History Rainforest Adventure

(instructions for an origami rainforest snail and butterfly )

Dalas Dimitris' Origami Diagrams

(diagrams, in Greek, for a horse, swan, turtle, and ship)

Art of Japan ThinkQuest Site

(diagrams for a simple butterfly, goldfish, mouse, rabbit, crane, piano, fly, horse, and salmon fish)

Moravian Pennsylvanian German Paper Stars

(also known as Swedish stars, these stars are folded from four strips of paper and are used to decorate Pennsylvania German Christmas trees - also check out this site, which refers to the star as "Froebel's Star")

Tim Drage's Origami Diagram

(how to make an origami yak)

Pete Farina's Origami Diagrams

(instructions for a dragon chopstick rest, folded from a chopstick wrapper, plus a dollar bill cross, Sting - a bookmark inspired by Lord of the Rings, and Won Park's Double dollar bill crane)

israelg's dolphin diagrams

(diagrams for a dolphin in pdf)

How to Make the AIDS Crane

(very clear diagrams for a crane)

NTT/Stanford University's Japan Window Project

(diagrams for a yakko and the traditional crane)

Jerry D. Harris' Origami Dinosaur Diagrams

(diagrams in PDF for an Acrocanthosaurus, Coelophysis, Triceratops, and a Tyrannosaurus)

Carlos Gênova's Origami Diagrams

(diagrams for a shirt, traditional crane, and traditional frog)

K.A.Lundberg's Origami Diagrams

(diagrams for a dollar bill tip basket, katana, orchid, lily-fly, and some other beautiful flowers)

Janina Weinand's Origami Models

(click on Traditional for instructions for a boat/hat, tumbler/cup, fir tree, sambo, star box, clover/heart, and crane)

Québec Origami diagrams

(the letter "Q", and a dragonfly)

Ralph Furmaniak's Claws

(Freddy-Krueger-type claws, one for each finger)

Joseph White's Origami Diagrams

(instructions for a dragon in flight)

Chris McClure's Origami Site

(an intermediate origami bat)

1998 GME Origami Page

(directions for a Samurai hat)

Betsy Ross 5-Pointed Star

(see how Betsy Ross created a five-pointed star with a few folds and a single cut!)

Alex Mendelsberg's Starpoint

(a 12-piece modular based on Shiniko's Star)

Origami Ganesh

(a dollar bill elephant)

Annie Pidel's Diagrams and Step Folds

(includes TSU - "That Simple Unit" by Charles Esseltine and a number of spinner/spinning top models including one made from a dollar bill)

"There Goes Tokyo" Comic Page

(diagrams for Godzilla!)

HAYASHI Shigeki's Diagrams for Mick Guy's Unicorn

(This unicorn appeared in the movie Blade Runner. The creator, Mick Guy, was the President of the British Origami Society from 1996-98)

A Hokkaido Web Site (in Japanese)

(diagrams and pre-prints for ducks and birds)

Yoshizawa's signature butterfly

(found on the Web site for The International Origami Society, Yoshizawa's origami organization)

Darren Abbey's Origami Page

(easy-to-read diagrams for a simple scorpion, dragon, butterfly, cross, and graceful hummingbird, as well as instructions for the preliminary base, waterbomb base, kite base, fish base, and bird base; also, how to get an equilateral triangle from a square, a square from a rectangle, and a regular pentagon from a square!)

Linny and Mo's Clowning Around

(instructions for the famous paper napkin rose - another set of diagrams courtesy of Charlie the Juggling Clown)

Mat Valli's Origami Page

(diagrams for a kimono)

Jim Cowling's Dollar Bill Armadillo

(straight from the OrigamiUSA 2000 Convention!)

Dominic Beauchamp's Pecking Bookmark

(a bird bookmark which pecks)

Jim Adams' Origami Page

(diagrams for a flying dragon and a sphinx!)

Takaaki Kakitsuka's Diagrams

(diagrams for his complex cicada)

Ben Trumbore's Origami Page

(diagrams, explanations for Jeff Beynon's "Spring into Action" model, from Tomoko Fuse's book "Spirals")

British Origami Society's links to diagrams

(diagrams for a flapping bird, plus textual diagrams for a box, shirt, boat, two bookmarks, fir tree, swan, fish, tumbling man and dog, and picture diagrams for a barge, napkin fold, banger, cross, crown, tarumptytum, shirt, face, frame, sailboat, sunglasses, bookmark, hedgehog, and duck)

Lincoln Origami Links

(diagrams for Todd Barton's starship and the waterbomb base and preliminary base, which are used in lots of models)

Bennett Arnstein's Metrocard Clicker

(also known as "The Annoying Origami Clicker" - also more detailed diagrams available)

Wicked4Kids Origami

(in the Origami column, a house, cup, cat, bunny, and the traditional waterbomb)

Straw Star Diagrams

(how to fold a drinking straw into a star!) 2012